Dodge posts new teaser photos of Challenger SRT Demon – widebody & huge tires!

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On Thursday, Dodge released another new teaser image for their upcoming Challenger SRT Demon – revealing new details like widebody fenders and huge tires, along with a cryptic license plate!


This new picture shows a red Dodge Challenger SRT Demon parked on a drag strip – the main thing to point out are the HUGE tires – considerably bigger than any Dodge ever built. With them comes some wide rear fenders, necessary to accommodate the tires. Dodge have also slipped in a cheeky easter egg in the form of a license plate – #2576@35. I personally don’t know what it could mean but, according to Motor Trend, it could relate to the size of the supercharger and the boost/manifold pressure.

These new details add to the weight savings and other things we’ve heard from Dodge. What do you think about the Demon? Are you excited? Let me know!

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