Welcome to a new type of story on Redline called ‘Data Digest’ – where I go over all of the information we know about a certain upcoming car, which in this case is Hyundai’s first ever true hot hatch – the 2017 i30 N.


Above: Spy photo of the new i30 N courtesy of Motor.

Based of official information revealed by CarAdvice, there will be two variants of the i30 N – a regular 186kW/250hp model and an upgraded 205kW/275hp performance pack variant. The performance pack (higher power model) i30 N will receive a stiffer, track oriented suspension setup, while all models of the N will be the stage in which Hyundai debuts their new ‘E-LSD’ diff – an electronically controlled limited slip differential. Further, the i30 N is believed to have quad exhaust pipes, a sporty rear diffuser and at launch a 6-speed manual (with an 8-speed DCT auto in 2019).

Cosmetic item wise, i30 N models come with new sporty seats with extended side bolsters, a new steering wheel that allows you to switch drive modes, unique bumpers, a bigger boot-mounted spoiler & side skirts and finally, a set of unique N wheels. Further, just like BMW’s M Sport and Ford’s ST Line, Hyundai will offer a regular N cosmetic package that can be ordered as an option, that comes without the performance upgrades.

In Australia, the new i30 N models are arriving later this year – most likely in August or September. No prices have been announced, but they will probably be around $40,000. I am SO excited about the i30 N’s – how about you? Let me know!


Above: The regular version of the next generation Hyundai i30.

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