Porsche Cayman GT4 RS accidentally confirmed by a Brisbane dealer?

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Did a Brisbane Porsche dealer just confirm the existence of an upgraded Porsche Cayman GT4 ‘RS’?

On Sunday, fellow Australian website CarAdvice reported that Newstead-based Porsche Centre Brisbane revealed on their Instagram that a ‘limited edition head turning’ Cayman GT4 RS is on its way. Further, the dealer revealed hat it will come with ‘more power’ and a 4 LITRE flat-six engine sourced straight from the 911 GT3 RS & 911 R, producing around 500hp/370kW. Unfortunately, it seems most likely that Porsche will detune the 4.0L down to around 345kW to keep the 911 GT3 RS as their flagship model.

Although I’m not usually a fan of Porsche, I am super excited about a new, spruced up Cayman. Out of all of the Porsche models, it’s my favourite? What do you think? Are you excited, or do you think the Cayman is a waste of time? Let me know!

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