Jaguar and Land Rover trademark 29 new names

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Earlier today, motoring publication AutoGuide spotted 29 new trademarks filed in late February by Jaguar & Land Rover/Range Rover.

Although there is a crazy 29 new trademarks, only a few stand out. The ones that catch my eye most are P-Type, T-Type and XJS. XJS is a familiar name – it was the name of Jaguar’s flagship luxury coupe and convertible sold from 1976 to 1996, designed as the ‘replacement for the E-Type’ (which it really wasn’t). P-Type and T-Type on the other hand are completely new names – due to their distinct similarity to the current F-Type, I would presume these models would be an expansion to Jaguar’s sports car range.

In addition to the P-Type, T-Type and XJS, Jaguar Land Rover trademarked names like C-XE, C-XF and C-XJ which would be used for concepts, and names like XEdi and XEi for diesel or electric XE. There are also names like Freestyle that have been trademarked by Land Rover – LR/RR fans rejoice! Don’t forget that just because a name has been trademarked doesn’t mean a car will make it into production – all we can do is hope.

What do you guys think? Let me know!


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