UCBW #9 – READER’S CHOICE – 2002 Mercedes Benz C32 AMG

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Welcome back to Used Car Bargain of the Week! Today, we’re here with a reader’s choice – as per Artalos’ request, week 9’s car is a 2002 Mercedes Benz C32 AMG – for $9,900.

The C32 is one of the best early-2000s super saloons – producing 260kW and 450Nm from its 3.2L supercharged V6, the C32 can do 100 in 5.2 seconds and 200 in 18.6 seconds. Not to mention 10 airbags, ABS and other safety features.

This particular car has a 5 speed auto and 206000 fully serviced and logged km. What do you think? I love this deal – it’s an absolute steal. It’s the best sedan we’ve ever had on UCBW – better than the Liberty! Let me know!

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