Have Dodge just revealed the Challenger Demon’s quarter mile speed & time?

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Last night, Dodge posted a short, 30 second bonus teaser for their upcoming Challenger SRT Demon – but this time there’s some really juicy news.

At the end of the video, we see a 2 second blurred clip of a drag strip time slip being printed out of a ticket printer. At the very bottom, you can see the 1/4 time and 1/4 mile MPH. Although it’s hard to read, with some careful image editing you can make those numbers easier to read. Based on what my very good eyes can see, these are the numbers:

1/4 mile time: 10.23 seconds

1/4 mile MPH: 136.71

That’s right folks – you heard that correctly. The Challenger SRT Demon seems to do a quarter mile in 10.23 seconds and at a speed of 136.71 MPH (220km/h). Take that with a grain of salt – that’s only what I can see in the grainy photo, not the real numbers. Also, that’s Dodge’s number so it can go faster – remember with the Hellcat owners managed to shave 0.35ish seconds off the 10.83 second quoted time.

From this data, the Demon is shaping up to be a hell of a car? What do you guys think about these times? Let me know!

Below is my edited image that I used to determine numbers.

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