The 3 door Golf GTI is back! Limited run Performance Edition 1 confirmed

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Yesterday, Volkswagen took the covers of the 2017 Golf GTI Performance Edition 1, a limited-run special performance edition bound for Australia with one, major feature – THREE DOORS!

The new, 3 door Golf GTI Performance Edition 1 is a more hardcore version of the regular mark 7.5 GTI. The PE1 has an uprated version of the regular GTI’s 2.0L turbo-4 EA888 engine producing 180kW and 370Nm – delivered by a 7 speed DSG from the MK7.5 Golf R. The GTI PE1 also receives a locking front differential and larger brakes from the previous 5 door GTI Performance.

Apart from performance upgrades, the GTI PE1 has 19-inch Brescia wheels seen on the GTI 40 Years, fleece upholstery, LED tail lights and a heap of advanced safety features and aids. In addition, the PE1 is only available in White Silver Metallic and Dark Iron Blue Metallic (seen in thumbnail).

What do you think of the Golf GTI Performance Edition 1? I love it – I think it’s a step closer to the ultimate Golf GTI. Let me know down below!

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