Renault Zoe coming to Australia according to government document

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Today, CarAdvice found a government document that seems to indicate the Renault Zoe is coming to Australia.

The document is shows the government’s approval of Renault Australia’s identification plate request, allowing them to gain compliance and sell it on the Australian market. However, there’s one main thing stopping Renault – the car is only sold in left hand drive.

The Renault Australia CEO has talked highly of the Zoe and has said he’d love to see it sold here, and since its introduction, producing the Zoe in right hand drive has always been on the agenda. In addition, Renault has hesitated bring it here due to the lack of government incentives, but hopefully that’ll change thanks to the recently launched Electric Vehicle Council.

In the past few years, talk about bringing the Zoe to Australia has been pretty quiet. However recently, Renault revealed an update for the Zoe in Europe (France) bringing a new ZE.40 battery that provides up to 400km of range on one charge, with the capability to gain 80km of range in just 30 minutes of charging.

I really hope the Zoe is coming to Australia. It’s really cool – especially the E-Sport concept revealed at Geneva. What do you guys think? Let me know!

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