New Volkswagen Polo to be revealed Friday

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Yesterday, Volkswagen revealed a teaser and official date for the launch of the next generation Polo.

The teaser VW release confirms the official ‘word premiere’ as June 16 at 9am GMT (7pm AEST). The teaser also shown the silhouette of the all new 6th gem Polo, which is said to be ‘the biggest update in Polo history’. 

However, this reveal live stream won’t actually be the first time we’ve seen the car. Over the past few months, undisguised 6th gen Polos have been seen around, including this one that I wrote about (click here to view the article) and another, massive sighting about a month ago. Based on these images, the new Polo takes a lot of its styling cues from the bigger Golf, along with an updated design language not seen in a VW car to date. I think it looks fantastic.

What do you think? Are you hyped for the Polo? Let me know down below!

UPDATE: Watch the reveal livestream below!

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