10th gen Honda Accord teased ahead of July debut

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This morning, Honda released a teaser image of the new Accord, which will make its official debut on the 14th of July (US time).

The teaser image shows a concept sketch of the new Accord, displaying a ‘dramatic new styling direction’. The whole car is different to all current or previous Hondas – it has sharp lines and looks very futuristic. It also appears to be a fastback (Tesla Model S style) – that would seem right based off the spies and leaks we’ve seen previously. However, don’t take this design for certain – it is just a design sketch, which are typically very stylised.

The 10th gen Accord range is believed to feature 2 engines. At the bottom of the range, there will be a 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol engine sourced from the new CR-V and Civic Si, producing around 140-153kW and 240-260Nm. Then, the current V6 will be replaced by a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol sourced from the Civic Type R (in the Civic’s guise it makes 235kW and 400Nm), albeit slightly detuned.

What do you guys think of this teaser? Let me know!


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