Aston Martin Valkyrie to have 1130hp and be street-legal

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Yesterday, US publication Road and Track talked about some pretty sweet rumours regarding the Aston Martin Valkyrie, the brand’s first hypercar.

Road and Track reported that ‘sources deeply familiar with the car’ have said that the Valkyrie will make over 1130hp/840kW, with 745kW/1000hp coming from the 6.5L naturally aspirated Cosworth V12 and the remaining power coming from a Formula One style kinetic energy recovery (KERS) electric drivetrain. In addition, the source has said that the hypercar will weight a mere 1030kg, 28kg less than a manual ND Mazda MX-5. These figures mean that the Valkyrie will achieve or even pass its intended power to weight ratio of 1hp per kg.

Furthermore, to save weight and improve aerodynamics the Valkyrie is expected to have a bunch of technical changes, including a milligram-mass Aston badge, cameras and LCDs instead of exterior mirrors, and even a center console under 80mm thick – the seats of the Valkyrie will be tailored to and custom built for the owner, by using a 3D body scan.

Only 150 Valkyries will be built for the road, with another 25 being specially built for the track. The Valkyrie is expected to go racing at Le Mans, pretty logical considering it looks exactly like an LMP1 race car. What do you guys think of these details, and the Valkyrie is general? Let me know down below!

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