Hybrid Ferrari 488 GTO/Speciale mule spied on the Nurburgring

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Earlier this week, a Ferrari 488 doused in cladding and bigger ducting was spied near the Nurburgring.

In a video released by AutomotiveMike, we can see a Ferrari 488 covered all around in white camouflage cladding and bigger ducting, along with a massive cover over the rear windscreen where the car’s engine is seen. Due to the mildness of the camouflage, this is not a mule for the rumoured entry-level V6 Dino – instead, this is most likely a mule for a higher-powered and more track-focused 488, expected to be called a Speciale, Scuderia or GTO. Whatever it may be called, the hi-po 488 is rumoured to feature a F1-style kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) – KERS or some form of hybrid system has been confirmed by Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne, as all Ferraris will receive an electric powertrain “by 2019”.

This mule was later spied driving around the Nurburgring, thrashing its competition.

What do you guys think of these spy shots? Let me know down below!

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