Alpine unveils A110 Pure and Legende

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Today, French sports car maker Alpine took the wraps off two new variants of theirt A110 range, the Pure and the Legende.

Let’s start with the Pure – as you’d expect it’s purer and more driver focused than the Premiere Edition and the Legende. Alpine haven’t detailed a full spec list, but it is expected to be around 30kg lighter thanks to less soundproofing, lighter cabin materials, lighter wheels and the removal of unneccessary luxuries.


On the other hand, the Legende is the luxury model of the range. It has new wheels (which quite frankly are ugly) and will likely feature more premium interior materials, leather seats and a softer, more forgiving suspension tune.


Sadly, both models still use the same 185kW 1.8L turbo 4 – however, the Pure and Legende signal the start of a larger A110 range expansion, with a high-spec model coming in the future with over 200kW.

What do you think of these new Alpine A110s? Let me know down below!

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