2018 Bugatti Chiron Sport revealed

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This evening, after releasing a cryptic teaser, Bugatti revealed a hotter version of their Chiron hypercar, the Chiron Sport.


The Chiron Sport does not gain any more power – all of its upgrades compared to the regular Chiron are in the handling department.

The Chiron Sport’s chassis has been completely reworked to provide more agility on twisty roads and on the track. It features a ‘dynamic handling package’ with new, 10% stiffer suspension and an optimised rear differential that features torque vectoring – these changes result in a 5 second faster lap time around the Nardo handling circuit in northern Italy. Bugatti have also manages to shave 18kg off the Chiron’s mass, thanks to lightweight wheels and a carbon intercooler cover, stabiliser and windscreen wipers.

Cosmetics wise, the Chiron Sport features the number 16 painted on the grille to represent the number of cylinders, a new quad-pipe exhaust system as well as a number of interior changes. Suede and Alcantara are the primary materials inside along with a host of carbon fibre elements and colour-specific highlights.

Deliveries start for the Chiron Sport at the end of 2018, for an insane base price of €2.65 million. What do you think of the Chiron Sport? Let me know down below.


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