2019 Toyota Supra confirmed with GR Supra Racing Concept

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This morning at the Geneva motor show, Toyota has revealed the GR Supra Racing Concept – and, in doing so, confirming the 2019 Supra production car!

It was probably the worst kept secret in the automotive industry – however, Toyota have finally done it. They have confirmed that the iconic Supra has been greenlighted for a return for the next model year. As we already know, the Supra will share a platform and it’s powertrains with the new BMW Z4, a move done to make the project economically viable.

However, the focus of today is what Toyota have revealed – it’s called the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept. It’s effectively a race version of the new Supra – while it may not be an exact representation of the production car, it provides us with a good idea as to the new Supra will look.

The GR Supra Racing Concept is a full blown race car – it features carbon fibre doors, a plastic windscreen, plastic mirrors and bucket loads of composite body panels including the bonnet, rear diffuser, front splitter, mirror housings, rear wing and bumpers. The concept rides on centre locked BBS wheels surrounded by Michelin Pilot Super Sport racing tyres. Behind the monstrous wheels are Brembo brakes also developed with racing in mind.

Inside, the GR Supra features a full roll cage, OMP race dash and hardcore race seats. The steering wheel is removable, which Toyota has attached paddle shifters to.

On the side of the car, Toyota have selected the race number to be 90 – this is a hint towards the internal code of the new Supra, the A90 (the Mk4 from the 2000s was the A80).

The Toyota GR Supra is really, really cool in my opinion. However, it’s not as cool as the upcoming production Supra – based on the press releases that have been going around, I would anticipate a reveal at the New York Motor show in April. What do you think? Let me know down below!

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