Mercedes-AMG planning 300kW A45 hyper hatch

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This week, AMG boss Tobias Moers announced that the next generation of the A45 hot hatch will offer some serious performance.

When speaking to Australian media at the Geneva motor show, Moers said: “The A45 that’s coming, I think it’s going to be the benchmark in that segment, this for us is the task. It’s going to be 400-plus horsepower.”

That number, 400hp, translates to 298kW. That’s a big figure – the 5-cylinder Audi RS 3 makes 294kW, while the current A45 makes 280kW. Over 298kW plus the new A-Class’ body and dynamics will make for a hell of a hatchback that could achieve a sub-4 second 0-100.

Moers went on to say: “What we are doing for the next generation is we’re engineering a brand new engine, a 2.0-litre engine that is everything new. Power output is nothing without the driving dynamics which is able to follow the power output,”

This makes sense – Moers is an engineer himself. He understands the importance of a solid, engaging chassis.

“… It doesn’t make sense unless you have driving dynamics equal. I’m not a fan of over-powered cars.”

He also ruled out the introduction of ‘EQ Boost’ on an AMG A-Class – it’s a system featured on AMG’s 53 models that supplies an electric boost for small periods of time on launch. Moers also announced that a new AWD system was also being developed for the new A45 – it will now be a variable system named 4Matic+ rather than a fixed-ratio setup with a rear-wheel bias.

These are some pretty cool details. It’ll be interesting to see what AMG cook up. What do you think? Let me know down below!

Featured image: a rendering of the new A45

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