2019 Volvo S60 snapped undisguised

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On Friday, photos emerged on the Internet showing an undisguised version of the upcoming Volvo S60.

The photo leaked on Swedish website Teknikens Värld merely shows the rear end of the new car. From first glance it’s easy to see it looks very similar to its larger S90 sibling – however, unlike the S90, the boot seems to rake upwards to create a sportier look, while the tailights and other rear elements seem to be more in line with the larger V60 wagon. I personally see a bit of Polestar 1 in there as well.

We don’t know too much for certain about the new S60 – however, it is scheduled to be unveiled at Volvo’s South Carolina factory within the next 5 months (before the end of the northern hemisphere summer). It will use the same SPA platform as the other 60-series models, and share a number of 4-cylinder turbo and/or supercharged petrol and diesel engines with optional hybrid assistance.

What are your thoughts on the rear of the new S60? Let me know down below!

Image below: rendering of the new S60

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