Mid-engined C8 Corvette shown at Chevy dealer conference

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Today, Chevrolet dealers at an official conference were shown images of the upcoming mid-engined C8 Corvette.

This news has come courtesy of Nate Chandler, an employee of Van Bortel Chevrolet in New York. His post on the Corvette Forum went as follows:

I just left the General Session presentation by GM/Chevy at the “Find New Roads” Dealer’s Conference at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. We got a glimpse of the C8 Corvette. It is coming. GM called it a super car. The 2 pictures we saw showed very little, but I’m thrilled to share I caught a glimpse of the production car. It definitely looked mid-engined. The front hood reminded me of a lotus. Front bumper cover reminded me of the 2019 ZR1. Time to go party at the reception. If I bump into Brian Sweeny, US VP of Chevy, or other GM Execs, I will ask some questions and report back!

So what does that tell us? Firstly, the upcoming Corvette will be mid-engined – we already suspected that, but it’s nice to have confirmation. Secondly, GM executives were calling it a supercar – this tells us that it will no longer be battling cars like the Viper, but instead cars like the 911 Turbo, Huracan and more. Finally, Chandler mentioned the C8’s bumper looks like the C7 ZR1 and the bonnet looks like a Lotus (see below for reference pics) – that shows it’ll have evolutionary styling as opposed to revolutionary.

What are your thoughts on this super cool news? Let me know down below!

Featured image courtesy of Autoblog.

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