Mercedes-Benz A-Class L Sport Sedan leaked ahead of Beijing reveal

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Today, a picture was posted on of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan.

The picture was taken at the 2018 Beijing motor show which, according to CarNewsChina, ended up online after “workers forgot to cover a giant backdrop they were busy hanging up on the exhibition hall”.

The main focus of the picture is the light-grey car, which is a sedan version of the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class. This is confirmed by the licence plate, which reads ‘A-Class L Sport Sedan’. Notice the L in that name? That suggests that this model likely a long-wheelbase version of the A-Class Sport Sedan, meaning it will have a longer wheelbase to accomodate an extra 10cm or so of rear legroom. Its debut in Beijing makes sense, as LWB cars are very popular in China.

From a design standpoint the car looks very similar to the hatch, as they share the same front end – however, the A-Class L Sport Sedan seems to get a new bonnet and a sloping rear roofline. The rest of the car will be as per the hatch, with identical engines, drivetrains and very similar interiors.


The new A-Class L Sport Sedan will debut before April 25, when the 2018 Beijing motor show (known as Auto China 2018) will open its doors to the press. What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below.

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