The upcoming second-generation Audi A1 has been teased online three times over the past week.

The first teaser, released via Twitter on the 12th of June, shows someone drawing the word ‘Barcelona’ on the new A1’s touchscreen. The GIF image was accompanied by a caption which read: “Think digital – the all new #Audi #A1 with virtual cockpit and MMI touch display. #TheNewAudiA1 #EpicModeOn”, thus confirming that the new supermini will receive Audi’s signature Virtual Cockpit digital instrument cluster and a touchscreen infotainment display similar to that of the related Volkswagen Polo.

The second teaser, released yesterday on the 15th of June, comes in the form of a Facebook GIF showing the array of different customisation options available for the A1. These choices range from body colours, roof colours, spoiler colours, wheel designs, and trim packages. The amount of options available comes at no surprise, as after all the A1 is the most youth-focused model in the Audi stable.

The third and most recent teaser, another Facebook GIF, was released today (16th of June). It depicts a spinning soccer ball in the foreground with a blurry image of a yellow A1 in the background, accompanied by a caption reading “New suspension and up to 200 hp – the all-new #Audi #A1 has the potential to be the world champion in its segment. #TheNewAudiA1 #EpicModeOn”. The words ‘New suspension’ aren’t very specific, but the horsepower number is – for reference, the most powerful version of the previews generation A1 pumped out 192 metric horsepower (141kW).

What do these teasers tell us? Here’s a quick run-down of some of the things we can expect from the new A1:

  • The Virtual Cockpit digital gauge cluster
  • Touchscreen, in-built infotainment display.
  • Lots of customisation regarding wheels, colours, roofs and spoilers.
  • Updated suspension, likely multi-link
  • 200hp outputs from the top-tier model

Considering how regular these teasers are, the new Audi A1 is expected to be revealed in the next few weeks.

What are your thoughts? Leave them below.

Note: the featured image is blurry on purpose.


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