Ford ‘baby Bronco’ leaked in dealer conference images

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Ford has accidentally leaked the upcoming Focus-based ‘baby Bronco‘ SUV.


An image from a recent dealer conference showing the baby Bronco were discovered by after they were released publically on the Blue Oval’s social media pages.

The baby Bronco looks a lot like the teaser released earlier this year. Its overall design is chunky and aggressive – up front there’s a full-width grille with retro FORD lettering and circular LED headlights, while around the side there are bold, wide fenders and a blocky look. Other notable design details include rectangular LED tail-lights, a thick C-pillar as well as a three-tone paint scheme with an orange body, black pillars and a white roof. Further, the shadow of a much larger off-road SUV can be seen behind the orange vehicle – this is likely the upcoming full-size Bronco.

The ‘baby Bronco’ is expected to go on sale before 2020.

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