Life has just taken the covers off 2019, an all-new year with new engines, updated underpinnings and a revamped inte…


Oh wait, this isn’t a reveal post.

Happy New Year, dear Redline reader! Wishing you a belated Merry Christmas break (or happy holidays).

2018 was a big year for this blog. Over the last 12 months you’ve racked up over 19,900 pageviews, with the most popular posts being the Mercedes-AMG A35 reveal, the Toyota Supra’s powertrain specs and Kia ProCeed unveil. Readers from over 120 countries accessed the site via Reddit posts, web searches and our newly-created official Instagram page @redlineblog (go follow it).

It was also a big year for cars, too. A multitude of eagerly-awaited vehicles made their debuts, including the new Ford Focus, 992-gen Porsche 911, BMW 3 Series and Audi e-tron. Similarly, a huge range of vehicles touched down on Australian shores, such as the popcorn-like Hyundai i30 N and revamped Toyota Corolla.

Let’s discuss 2019. It’s set to be an equally-as-exciting year, with debuts scheduled for exciting performance cars like the Toyota Supra, Mercedes-AMG A45 and BMW M3, along with more mainstream vehicles such as the Land Rover Defender, Porsche Taycan and BMW 1 Series. Don’t fret, as all of these reveals will be covered here on Redline.

In addition, expect more reviews, the return of weekly segments and new feature articles on the site in the coming year.

That concludes this ‘short’ update post. Here’s to another great year! *clink*

– Admin Alex

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