Geneva Motor Show 2019 – The Best, The Worst & The Biggest Surprises

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Ler’s take a quick peek at our picks for the best, worst and most surprising cars of the 2019 Geneva motor show.


Best Production Car: Peugeot 208

I’m a huge fan of the new 208. The French brand has managed to combine the best elements of the larger 508, with the cuteness and most adorable elements of past Peugeot light hatches. The new powertrain range looks excellent – hopefully the upcoming GTi will be just as good.


Best Concept Car: Honda e Prototype AND Alfa Romeo Tonale

This entry was only meant for one concept, however there were so many excellent new debuts this year I had to up it to two: the Honda e Prototype & Alfa Romeo Toenail.

The little Japanese city car adapts everything we loved about the 2017 Urban EV concept into a car that’s production ready, while the Tonale brings Alfa’s famous style and good looks to one of the hottest market segments on the planet right now. Both of these cars are due to make it into production late this year or early 2020, and I can’t wait.



Worst Car/Concept: Lagonda All-Terrain concept

Out of all the categories, this was the hardest one to pick. While it may be crisp and refined, the sheer size and heft of the All-Terrain means it isn’t a winner in my book.



Biggest Surprise: Peugeot 508 Sport Engineered concept

Easily my biggest surprise of this year’s Geneva show is the 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered concept. Pairing a 1.6-litre turbo with a host of electric motors, the hot sedan produces a theoretical, AMG-rivalling 382kW – which translates to about 294kW in the real world. It’s a bold offering from a brand like Peugeot – fingers crossed it makes production, unlike their last hybrid concept



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