What’s 10 years in the making and hotly-anticipated? No, it’s not a new Mitsubishi ASX, it’s a brand new decade.

Happy New Year, dear Redline reader, and welcome to the 2020s! We hope you’ve had a superb holiday break.

2019 was a big year in the car world. It saw the debut of a plethora of long-awaited new models, including the Land Rover Defender, Toyota GR Supra, mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette and the Volkswagen Golf Mk8.

Not everything was to everyone’s tastes. The zero-emissions Ford “Mustang” Mach-E frustrated enthusiasts with its coupe SUV body, while the Tesla Cybertruck polarised and strongly divided opinion.

There were a number of surprises too, namely the 1000-horsepower Ferrari SF90 Stradale and the new Audi RS Q3 Sportback.


It was also a strong year for Redline. Your top-viewed posts were the 20,000+-view Ford Focus ST reveal (thanks, Reddit!), followed by the Mercedes-Benz CLA accidental leak reveal and Toyota GR Supra reveal. Over 35,000 people accessed this blog, from hundreds of countries.

What’s the plan for 2020? There’s set to be a wide range of exciting car unveils, from the BMW M3 and McLaren 750LT to the Mercedes S-Class and BMW iX3. We’ll try to cover as many of these as possible, but it’s going to be a big year for our writers so stay tuned.

Plus, Redline Car of the Year will be returning on January 25 – and it won’t be what you expect. It’s a Musk-read.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading this humble site – here’s to another brilliant year.

Admin Alex

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