Hummer confirmed for 2021 return as GMC-badged EV

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The rolling mascot of obnoxious exuberance and anti-environmentalism, the iconic Hummer, is making its return as the antithesis of its former self: an electric vehicle.


Set to go on sale in 2021, the reborn Hummer – now marketed as the ‘GMC Hummer EV’ – was teased via a single, shadowy image showing its six-slotted grille with a full-width LED light bar and ‘HUMMER ‘ lettering. A trio of roof-mounted amber lights also feature, a styling element last seen on the H2 introduced in 2002.

However, it’s the performance numbers that are most likely to appease skeptics. GM claims a monstrous power output of 745kW – or 1000 horsepower in the old money – and a (likely wheel-) torque rating of 15,574Nm (or 1150lb-ft). Equate that to ‘crank’ torque and you’re looking at approximately 1200Nm – on par with the torquiest vehicle in the current General Motors lineup, the 6.6-litre diesel V8 powered Chevrolet Silverado 2500.

The original, military-derived Hummer H1, (far out of) its natural habitat.

The result is a 0-60mph (97km/h) of just three seconds – on par with fellow American truck rivals from Tesla and Rivian, which claim 2.9- and 3.0-second sprint times from their tri-motor Cybertruck and quad-motor R1T models respectively.

The GMC Hummer EV is set to make its public debut on May 20th, 2020, following a 30-second TV advertisement scheduled to air during Super Bowl LIV featuring NBA star LeBron James. Production is set to commence in the northern fall of 2021.

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