2021 Nissan 300ZX reinvented as mid-size electric SUV

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After 12 years on sale, the Nissan 370Z is finally set to bite the dust, following the debut of its long-awaited successor, the 300ZX.


The latest Nissan Z is a radical departure from its predecessor. Whereas the 370Z was a sporty two-door coupe, the 300ZX expands the Z brand into vastly different waters, taking the form of a mid-size, coupe-styled SUV – the X in its name denoting its crossover bodystyle.

The 300ZX strays further from the Z formula through its powertrain, swapping the usual six-cylinder petrol engine for electric propulsion fed by a large battery pack.

Dual electric motors – one on each axle, though the overall system is rear-biased – combine to deliver total system outputs of 300kW (408 PS) of power (thus its name) and 768Nm of torque.

Nissan claims a 0-100km/h time of 3.7 seconds – on par with the Tesla Model Y Performance and Ford Mustang Mach-E GT – toward an electronically-limited top speed of 200km/h.

Energy comes from a 130kWh lithium-ion battery, capable of delivering a plentiful 204km driving range on the WLTP cycle – which, according to Nissan, is sufficient for 99 per cent of customers – and DC fast-charging at up to 100kW.

Under its sleek sheetmetal the 300ZX rides on a variant of the non-modular platform utilised by the Patrol large SUV. The latest Z car is 13.37 per cent stiffer and boasts 20.20 per cent more torsional rigidity than its predecessor, though the kerb weight is up by nearly a tonne to 2399kg.


Inside the cabin, the 300ZX lives up to its heritage-rich name, as the outgoing 370Z’s much-applauded, high-tech 7.0-inch infotainment touchscreen carries over to the new model unchanged, alongside a panel of buttons that provide a positively retro feel.

The 2021 Nissan 300ZX was initially scheduled to make its public debut at the 2020 Timbuktu motor show – however, the event has since been cancelled. Global sales are set to commence in early 2021.

Put your pitchfork away! In case you hadn’t realised – which, if you’ve read this far, you likely have – April Fools! Each April Fools Day we like to poke fun at the latest car industry trends; past years have pointed at convertible SUVs and too-close manufacturer partnerships, so we figured electric SUV versions of iconic sports car nameplates deserved a piece of the fun (ahem, Ford).

Hopefully you liked our Nissan Ariya concept-turned-370Z-successor, and the accompanying Photoshop!

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