Used Car Bargain of the Week #3 – 2009 Audi TT

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Welcome back to Used Car Bargain of the Week – a little late. This week’s car is an absolute steal – a 2009 Audi TT for $19,000.

Generated by Carsales Image Server on 07:25.28 24/08/2016

This particular 2009 Audi TT is the base model – with 147kW of power, 280Nm of torque, a kerb weight of around 1300kg and a 6 speed manual (hooray!). Further, the TT has done 112,000km, all of which have been done with care and serviced correctly. It also has rear parking sensors and a BOSE sound system.

For $19,000, you can’t get a better deal on a luxury coupe than this – if only it was a TT S or RS! What do you think about this TT? Let me know!

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