A hybrid BMW X5 prototype has been recently spied testing on the streets of Munich.


This prototype was spotted by Redline reader Cooper Crellin, while on holiday in the German city.

The ‘Hybrid Test Vehicle’ spied here has a surprising amount of camouflage, meaning that it’s not a prototype for the X5 xDrive45e, as it (along with its regular petrol and diesel counterparts) were revealed earlier this year.


So, what could all of this camouflage be hiding? The most likely candidate is a lower-grade hybrid X5 – possibly badged 30e or 35e – that pairs a less powerful electric motor with a four-cylinder turbo petrol engine, as opposed to the 45e’s straight-six. This makes sense, as BMW has made their plans to offer 13 electrified (i.e. hybrid) models by 2025.

Expect a power output of 190-200kW for this cheaper hybrid model, with around 150-160kW coming from the petrol engine – 0-100km/h times in the mid-to-high six-second region would be likely.

The BMW X5 30e/35e is set to be revealed in early 2019.

Note: apologies about image quality. They were shot on a smartphone, not a DSLR.



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