Used Car Bargain of the Week #10 – 2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

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I’m back folks! It’s been a while, but I’m happy to be back writing again – I got really busy. Anyway, we’re here with another UCBW after a month absence – this time with a latest gen Mustang EcoBoost, for a reasonable (but expected) $42,500.

You’re probably wondering – $42,500 is a lot of money for a used car BARGAIN. But, I wanted to focus on some bargains that are on the upper end of the used car market. Anyway, let’s go.

The Mustang EcoBoost packs a 2.3L turbocharged inline-4 – no, it’s not the gritty V8 – producing 233kW and 432Nm, doing 0-100 in 5.8 seconds and the quarter mile in 13.9 seconds. Although it’s not as powerful and fast as its bigger brother, its looks make up for it – the Mustang remains one of the coolest and most beautiful cars on sale today.

The one thing that ruins the whole experience for me is its safety. In a EuroNCAP test in January, the Mustang scored a 2-star rating – mostly due to EuroNCAP’s tough regulations around AEB and other brand new safety features.

To conclude, at $42,500 the Mustang is a steal – you get a car $2,500 off its RRP with just 5500kms and without the 8 month waiting list. What’s not to love?

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