Mysterious Ford small SUV mule spied

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This weekend, spy photographers have spotted a strange Ford SUV mule testing in the snow.

At first glance the mule appears to just be a high riding version of the new European-market Fiesta. However, upon closer evaluation, you can see that the rear end has been lengthened to accomodate a longer wheelbase, and it has fender flares with a wider track width.

What could this mule possibly be for? The most likely option is the next generation EcoSport, Ford’s small Fiesta-based SUV – the current model has been on sale since 2013. Another option is that this is a prototype for Ford’s upcoming Bronco-based small SUV – announced at Ford’s Uncovered event, this new SUV is intended to rival the likes of the Jeep Renegade.

What do you think of this mule, and what could it be for? Let me know!

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